Inhabitants of Rota Caelum


His enemies believe he is a supernatural creature capable of unspeakable death and destruction - but his creators know better. Draco was genetically engineered by the Echelon to be one of their best instruments of warfare, adept at both frontline combat and stealth tactics. Because of his unstable psychological profile, the Echelon implanted an electrical device directed connected to his nervous system to keep him under their control remotely.


Ava is a scavenger in the slums of the old city built from the ashes of a civil war. Unlike her adopted sister, Jessi, Ava prefers to err on the side of caution and because of this they often go hungry but live to scavenge another day in the ruins. However, as resources become more difficult to find, Ava's ability to help keep everyone alive in her village and avoid conflict deteriorates like the ruins that surround her.